Time for a wellness self-check?

A year of pandemic life yo-yoing between isolation and freedom can take a toll on wellness. Now, with schools going virtual for the foreseeable future I felt compelled to offer the online Personality Dimensions Wellness Self-Check. I could go through the features and benefits, but, I think it best to share my experience with this Self-Check.

 I don’t react well to others telling me what I “must do”

I am a true believer that you know yourself better than anyone else. With my strong Resourceful personality style this is so important because I value control over my life, I don’t react well to others telling me what I “must do”. That is why I love the self-check approach to wellness. Even though I am a resourceful person, after being cooped up for a year in a pandemic world I’m starting to think it’s time to see how my mental and physical wellness is doing.

After evaluating how well I am doing with the 6 dimensions of wellness:

I realized I could be more physically active, and getting outside and active makes me feel more spiritually connected with creation and myself. The Wellness Report showed that my strongest personality style is called Resourceful-Orange.

I am motivated by adventure

When it comes to Physical Wellness the report suggested that I am motivated by adventure. So, I made a goal to discover new places to hike. Also, my Spiritual Wellness is connected to physical experiences (sounds, tastes, smells). So, I plan to take good coffee with me on my hikes and savor the aroma while stopping for a break. I will also experience other fragrances while on the hike.

This plan motivates me because it IS me

This is a wellness plan that motivates me because it IS me, it matches my personality. That’s the beauty of a wellness self-check. Oh yes, my Resourceful-Oranage personality values entrepreneurialism, so, I offer this online Wellness Self-Check on my website www.NaturePresence.ca


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