Natural ways....with nature's pests.

Here are some natural ways to keep the flying pests in nature away:

  1. Started taking garlic supplements 1 month before your trip, many flying
    pests hate garlic and will stay away from you. However it might keep some of your friends away too!
  2. Wear a mixture of Lemon Grass Oil. Flying pests do not like the smell of citrus. Mix 5 drops of Lemon Grass Essential Oil with about 1 ounce (30ml) of any kind of skin oil (such as Coconut Oil). This might attract your friends back!
  3. Wear light coloured clothing (bugs are attracted to dark clothing…they think you are a bear or moose!). When it comes to bugs you ARE allowed to wear white after Labour Day!
  4. Wear a wide-brim hat with a fake dragon fly on it. Black flies seem to prefer
    the top of hat and the dragon flies are their enemies.
  5. Wear a bug net or jacket. Just remember not to spit when wearing a bug net (unless you raise it first). Looks real gross!
  6. There is no science behind this, but, try keeping you hand above your head. The flies seem to go for the highest part of your body. Best to wear gloves.
  7. Stand near Smokey fires. Bugs hate smoke.

And….the un-natural way to repel those pests is with bug repellent containing deet.

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