Meet Morgan (Turtle) Bird - "Yearning for a relaxing and fun escape into nature."

Meet Morgan (Turtle) Bird, by Terry Maynard

I first observed Morgan’s canoe trip leadership skills in 2009 when she was a Peer-Leader for a trip on the York River near Bancroft.  As a young teen she processed a strong personality preference for Inquiring Thinking. 


I have been impressed with Morgan’s quick grasp of self awareness tools which made her an effective Peer-Leader on the canoe trip. 


I remember hiking with her for 7 days on the Bruce Trail, she is such a strong hiker I think she was a Lama in another life!  

 It’s very interesting to see that she has continued to develop her analytical personality and skills in her leadership roles at Starbuck’s, while still having fun!

Here’s what she thinks about the upcoming canoe trip August 13-15, 2021:

I have missed being able to spend time outdoors

"I have missed being able to spend time outdoors since I've started working full-time. Especially with the pandemic, I've been yearning for a relaxing and fun escape into nature.   There are many things I'm looking forward to, but mainly I'm looking forward to canoeing."



  • It’s been a long time since we hung out on a hike or canoe trip. Looking forward to this.

    Terry Maynard - Flacon
  • Hey Morgan. I am super happy that you are coming on this trip. Looking very forward to spending some time with you!

    Tammy La Rue

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