Meet Megan Mitchell - White Raven

I am looking forward to time away from a computer and doing something physical outdoors. Looking forward to more being, less thinking.

I love the wind in the tree and hearing the different birds’ calls.

On my first canoeing trip in Algonquin, I felt the presence of a phoenix. I recreated the image in stained glass.

I am looking forward to paddling, being present in nature and witnessing magi

I am concerned about staying awake late in the fresh air.

In the wilderness I feel alive, connected, blessed and grateful. 

I attached a few pics from some adventures – Camino de Santiago, Lake Tahoe hiking, and paddling in Muskoka.

I am looking forward to meeting some new friends and spending time with some old ones.




  • It’s been so long since we hung out together in Africa…can’t wait for the trip!

    Terry Maynard - Flacon
  • Hey Megan. Looking forward to meeting you next Friday and exchanging Camino stories!

    Tammy La Rue
  • Looking forward to meeting you Megan. Several of us have walked the Camino — we will have lots of stories to share with one another. See you next Friday!

    Tammy La Rue

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