Meet Janis Bell (White Owl)...suprized she will paddle again after the cold wet Yukon River trip!

Janis is truly a "Trooper" when it comes to determination in the wilderness.  Here's a picture of her trying to get warm on a 7-day Yukon River trip.  It was wet and freezing the middle of August!  She kept a smile on her face and pushed on.

So, I was surprised when she wanted to come on another canoe trip with me.  Here's what is attracting her to another wilderness canoe trip:

"I enjoy the company of the people that are going on the Algonquin trip.  I love being outdoors - It just makes me feel better - being out in nature.
I love the quiet and solitude. To just be able to relax and be away from everything - to live in the present."
Wow! Can't beat those reasons!  I wonder what Janis' camp name is....Trooper?

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  • I really miss not meeting in person on Sunday nights. I miss your “this is so nice” comments!

    Terry Maynard - Flacon

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