Meet Isabel Bird (Izzy)

I am so looking forward to spending time with Izzy. I have not had an opportunity to learn much about Izzy. As Izzy’s Great Uncle I can not believe how quick Izzy grew up. One moment Izzy was a little person playing with toys, and then a grown up playing drums! I confess that I don’t know much about Izzy’s likes and dislikes. So, as many good relatives, I went to Facebook to get caught up. Here’s what I found that Izzy likes:

Rice and peas (asked for this for a birthday meal)

Camp, shared with me about Camp Big Canoe



Knives and cake


Halloween makeup


Reading Archie

Paying drums


Check this video out of Izzy playing the drums:

And…purple hair!


Can’t wait to meet the “grown-up” Izzy on the canoe trip.



  • Will you still have your purple hair for the trip?

    Terry Maynard - Flacon
  • Wow! Super awesome drumming skills. Looking forward to meeting you Izzy.

    Tammy La Rue

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