How are your wellness plans going?

It's almost been a month since our Wellness Algonquin Trip.  I shared that I wanted to work on my Physical and Spiritual wellness by getting out on hikes and doing my drawing/journaling. I did a drawing of David Bird at Sisco lake.  That made me want to get back into it more. 

I have done one drawing/journal in my Positivity Book since our trip. It's a drawing of my sailboat beached on an island in the 30,000 Island Park on Georgian Bay.  It was a dream come true since the "Group of Seven" scenery makes me feel connected to something larger than my life.

I intended to do more drawings since our trip, something I need to focus on.

How about you?  How are your wellness plans going?  Feel free to share as comments on this blog posting or email me at

Terry - Falcon



  • Nice drawing! I’m working on my physical well-being, but pine for more time to focus on the creative. Unfortunately, my physical status changed today as my hip flexors completely seized. I’ll have to incorporate more stretching before and after workouts. Cheers!

    David Bird
  • I am really happy with my wellness activities. Late yesterday afternoon I went for a 2 hour kayak paddle on the Holland River with Janis. Paddling on quiet and still water as the sun was setting was both a great physical and spiritual experience. Last week I cycled for three days in row…increasing the distance from 10 km to 20 km to just over 30 km. Added to that that week i- 1 in-person yoga class and 2 gym visits for strength training. Life is good!

    Lynn Bird

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