3-Day Winter Wellness Trip

You may be eligible for the Ontario Staycation Credit...up to $400

How others felt about the trip:

Thank you Terry and Chris for organizing a fabulous adventure.
Spending time in nature provides so many benefits for the body, mind and spirit.

Driftwood Paddle provided the opportunity to challenge our physical and mental capabilities and Nature Presence covered the wellness awareness both leading up to and during the trip.

I felt safe and well supported on this trip.

Can't wait for the next adventure!

Loved the experience! 

An experience all able-bodied folks would benefit from.


Trip Reservation & Photos

Be pleasantly surprised, confident and happy about your wellness. Three days can change the rest of your life. Let experienced wilderness guides and facilitators lead you through an Algonquin winter wonderland while exploring your wellness strengths.

Not only winter camping in a frontier heated tent, but an experience that propels you into calming wilderness. Discover being motivated by your personality. Be surprised, confident, and happy about your wellness with the aid of the Personality Dimensions'® Wellness assessment and report.

Feel free and safe from daily life by immersing in the untouched rhythm of the Algonquin wild. Hike along snow covered winding rivers, across lakes dotted with islands, exploring Algonquin’s sanctuary.

Awaken your senses, and experience deep connection to nature and your inner self.

With Terry's and Driftwood Paddle's years of trip leadership, you will be guided through the wilderness with reassurance, structure and safety.

The Complete, all inclusive, Package includes:

  • Complete guided hike through Algonquin winter forest - staying in a heated frontier tent and enjoying a sauna.
  • Self-Wellness-check- discover the 6 dimensions of your unique wellness
  • Nature Grounding Book and journal -feel completely calm through guided solo reflected time
  • Private Coaching - Share around the warmth of the campfire about your wellness excitement
  • Equipment and Food -  Worry free...almost everything you need will be provided: Heated frontier tent, Sleeping Bag, Cooking Supplies, Packs, 3 Meals a day, Snacks and Drinks
  • You will need to bring: Personal Clothing/Towel, Headlamp/Flashlight and any other gear you may require for the experience
  • The experience Trip at Driftwood Paddle base camp, Kelly Road, (200meters past Access Point 1 Algonquin Park ) by 10am on the first day

Kelly Road & Chemical Road
200meters past Access Point #1,
Kawawaymog Lake, Algonquin Park, Ontario

Covid precautions: group size limited to Public Health restrictions. Social distancing and mask wearing will be upheld.  All materials and equipment disinfected.

Important Documentation:
Waiver and Registration form
Waiver and Registration form for Driftwood Paddle


  • Nice drawing! I’m working on my physical well-being, but pine for more time to focus on the creative. Unfortunately, my physical status changed today as my hip flexors completely seized. I’ll have to incorporate more stretching before and after workouts. Cheers!

    David Bird
  • I am really happy with my wellness activities. Late yesterday afternoon I went for a 2 hour kayak paddle on the Holland River with Janis. Paddling on quiet and still water as the sun was setting was both a great physical and spiritual experience. Last week I cycled for three days in row…increasing the distance from 10 km to 20 km to just over 30 km. Added to that that week i- 1 in-person yoga class and 2 gym visits for strength training. Life is good!

    Lynn Bird

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