Breakfast in a Group of Seven painting

I had my sailboat up at Kawawaymog Lake, Algonquin Park, this week, docked at Drifitwood Paddle (base camp for our Algonquin canoe trips).   It was spectacular scenery from the back of my boat making breakfast on the grill in the mornings.  I said to Chris (our Driftwood Paddle guide) "I felt like I was making breakfast in a Group of Seven paining".  He said  "you are".  He pointed out to me

4 locations on the lake where Tom Thomson painted his famous paintings.  The one here (with my boat photoshopped in) is called Mud Bay. The others are "The West Wind", "The Tent", and "Chill November":

At the base camp Chris can show the locations of these painting and from the  Driftwood Paddle's dock the location of Tom Thomson's cabin on a small island.

Everyone on  the 3 and 4 day trips will find interesting discoveries! 


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  • I can’t wait. Truly. Can’t wait!

    Tammy La Rue

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