Amazing trip and group! Aug. 13-16, 2021 Trip Photos and feedback

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Thanks Tammy for your feedback sent by email:

"I recently spent a weekend in Algonquin Park, participating in a Self-Wellness adventure, facilitated by Terry Maynard at Nature’s Presence. It was an amazing experience to spend time in one of Canada’s most beautiful natural environments for the sole purpose of focusing on the six factors that contribute or impact one’s overall wellness.
Through a series of readings and guided group sessions, I was able to identify a number of opportunities to balance and strengthen my overall wellness. I am sincerely grateful for everything I learned over the course of the weekend and, with the help of the take-away written report, I will be better able to stay on track moving forward.
As a gifted facilitator, Terry expertly creates a safe environment built on trust, respect, and fun. This leads to many open and honest conversations amongst participants, which greatly enriches the overall experience.
For anyone who is searching to better understand what makes them tick and how they can do so in a synchronized fashion, I highly recommend checking out the many programs and services offered by Nature’s Presence. "


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